Discover GP1812, a powerful and versatile passive audio system, featuring an 18" heavy-duty subwoofer combined with a 12" passive coaxial satellite speaker utilizing K-array™ SAT® (Slim Array Technology). This high-performance system is designed for small to medium-sized indoor and outdoor applications, making it the ideal choice for touring, live bands, auditoriums, pubs, and clubs.

GP1812 is the perfect companion of our GP1812A active system, allowing you to extend the cluster or create a stereo configuration. With its high-performance-to-size/weight ratio and easy setup process, GP1812 delivers immersive sound while optimizing cost efficiency.

Pair GP1812 with the active version GP1812A or one of KGEAR's GA series amplifiers to drive this passive system, and experience powerful, precise audio performance in a variety of settings.


GP line

Powerful sound, wherever you go.



  • Type:  

    Powered 18” sub + 12” Array element

  • Transducers:  

    SUB: 18” / TOP: 12” coaxial 1” compression driver

  • Frequency Response:  

    30 Hz - 20 kHz (-6dB)

  • Max SPL:  

    129 dB

  • Rated Power:  

    SUB: 1500W / TOP: 400W

  • Coverage:  

    V.30° - H.90°

  • Connectors:  

    2x Speakon NL4

  • Nominal Impedance:  

    SUB: 8Ω / TOP: 32 Ω

Handling and Finishes

  • Dimensions (W x H x D):  

    545x1690(min)x600 mm (21.46x66.54x23.6 in)

  • Weight:  

    51kg (106.27lbs)

  • Material:  

    SUB: Birch plywood / TOP: Stainless steel

  • Colors:  


  • IP Rating:  

    SUB: IP43
    TOP: IP54




GP1812 Preset



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