The KGEAR GC8S subwoofer is a powerful and reliable 8" passive speaker designed for in-ceiling and in-wall installation. With its sleek frameless magnetic grille design, this subwoofer is available in two different codes to fit your preferred grille shape: round (GC8S-RD) or square (GC8S-SQ). It's also available in black (GCF8S-RNB) or white (GCF8S-RNW) color options to match any environment.

This subwoofer is the perfect low frequency extension to our GC ceiling/in-wall speakers as well as our GF speakers. It features a built-in passive low-pass filter, which allows it to be connected on the same line as the satellites without needing a DSP or a separate amplifier channel. This makes installation a breeze and ensures superior audio quality.

The GC8S subwoofer is versatile and can be used in both residential and commercial settings, such as home theaters, hotels, retail shops, spas, gyms, bars, and restaurants. When paired with a KGEAR amplifier (GA201, GA41/41L, GA43/43L, GA46/46L), it can provide optimal performance and low frequency extension.

Don't settle for less. Choose the KGEAR GC8S subwoofer for your audio needs and experience the difference in sound quality and design.


Commercial Audio

Achieve full coverage of your project's audio



  • Type:  

    Passive Subwoofer

  • Transducers:  

    8” ferrite magnet woofer

  • Rated Power:  


  • Impedance:  

  • Frequency Response:  

    45Hz – 250Hz (-3dB average) built-in low-pass filter

  • Max SPL:  

    110dB (peak)

    Continuos SPL 98dB

  • Coverage:  


Handling and Finishes

  • Dimensions (W x H x D):  

    277x258x105 mm (10.9x10.2x4.1 in)

  • Weight:  

    2.0 kg (4.4 lb)

  • Material:  


  • Colors:  

    Black / White





Ver 0.1

KGEAR Amp-to-speaker matching table


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