Armstrong Ceilings' Headquarters

Armstrong Ceilings, renowned for over a century as a leader in innovative ceiling solutions, embarked on a mission to establish a contemporary corporate headquarters in Philadelphia. Demonstrating a firm commitment to design excellence and sustainability, they partnered with K-array's new divisions—KSCAPE and KGEAR—to seamlessly integrate professional audio and lighting solutions into their office design. Ohmcomm Inc were there to provide expert installation for the offices. The objective was twofold: to create a productive employee environment and to provide visiting clients with an aura of tranquillity, all centred around human-centric audio and lighting enhancements.

Embracing an open layout fostered a spacious atmosphere conducive to productivity. However, this layout posed potential noise pollution issues, a challenge aligned with Armstrong Ceilings' dedication to employee well-being. Collaborating with Moodsonic, a soundscape generator, Armstrong aimed to design an experiential workspace. Biophilic elements and locally inspired design accents became crucial components of Armstrong Ceilings' workplace strategy, with research highlighting the positive effects of harmonising sensory experiences. Leveraging Moodsonic's sound generation, Armstrong integrated their acoustic expertise and introduced KSCAPE lighting alongside KGEAR's sleek uniform design. This amalgamation of tools seamlessly integrated with the grand architectural vision.

In addressing the open layout challenge, Armstrong Ceilings utilized Moodsonic's sound-masking technology to partition the workspace into distinct zones. Recognizing the diverse nature of sound, they designed sensory zones catering to varied needs—ranging from serene and quiet in enclosed spaces to vibrant and stimulating in larger, open areas. Moodsonic's scientifically curated soundscape library, developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions and biophilia advocates, ensured a natural and harmonious auditory environment. To prevent repetitive loops, Moodsonic's generated content emulated the organic rhythm of nature. Leveraging this library, Moodsonic meticulously tailored specific tones and sounds to match Armstrong's brand identity, culture, and the geographical context of their offices. Moodsonic's solution maintained an unobtrusive sound pressure level (SPL), effectively blocking unwanted noise without drawing attention. This subtle enhancement contributed to a more serene and focused workspace. Advanced sensors strategically positioned within the office detected fluctuations in noise levels. Moodsonic's technology intelligently compensated for increased sound in certain areas, ensuring a harmonious auditory experience across the workspace.

For comprehensive sound coverage, Armstrong Ceilings selected KGEAR's GF82 speakers in the open lounge area. The incorporation of K-array's line-array technology delivered extensive coverage and precise audio projection. The discreet form factor allowed seamless installation on columns, while subwoofers like GS6 were strategically positioned for optimal sound reproduction, either hidden in the ceiling or other discreet locations. For smaller rooms, the unobtrusive GF22 speakers harmonized with the compact spaces. Retaining their clean and minimalist design philosophy, Armstrong Ceilings ingeniously integrated KGEAR GF82s within their Woodworks ceiling solution. This concealed arrangement ensured an immersive sound experience while preserving the aesthetic integrity of the space.

Incorporating KSCAPE's modular RAIL system, Armstrong Ceilings addressed audio needs in tandem with lighting requirements. A specific open space area necessitated both robust lighting and Moodsonic's soundscapes. KSCAPE's RAIL—a 1.2m linear architectural light with integrated audio—provided comprehensive sound coverage while seamlessly blending into Armstrong's ceiling solutions, in this case their Optima PB. Offering superior lighting quality at 3000K and full dimming control, RAIL was powered by the Kommander-KA02 amplifier, negating the need for an additional subwoofer because they were full-range speakers and catering perfectly to design-focused spaces.


  • Elevated Aesthetics: The seamless integration of KSCAPE's RAIL and KGEAR systems brought captivating visual depth to Armstrong's visionary designs. This integration artfully highlighted architectural elements, saturating the office with a refined ambiance. Additionally, the concealed professional audio experience added an extra layer of functionality to the space.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Moodsonic's biophilic sound masking solution effectively mitigated noise pollution, ushering in an optimal environment that fostered heightened employee focus and productivity.
  • Adaptable Flexibility: The inherent modularity of the KSCAPE RAIL system enabled effortless adjustments to lighting configurations, allowing the workspace to gracefully evolve with changing requirements.

In the transformation of Armstrong Ceilings' corporate office, the successful union of KSCAPE's RAIL and KGEAR systems, complemented by Moodsonic's innovative sound masking, stands as a testament to the power of harmonized design and advanced technology. This endeavour brilliantly showcased how meticulously integrated solutions can not only enhance aesthetics and productivity but also create a dynamic and sustainable workspace. By thoughtfully infusing cutting-edge lighting, audio, and sensory elements, Armstrong Ceilings has crafted an environment that resonates with their core values and sets a new standard for contemporary office spaces.

In the transformation of Armstrong Ceilings' corporate office, the successful union of KSCAPE's RAIL and KGEAR systems, complemented by Moodsonic's innovative sound masking, stands as a testament to the power of harmonized design and advanced technology.

Tom Riby (KSCAPE Global Sales & Marketing Manager)
10 x GF22
8 x GF82 I
4 x GS6