Bringing simplicity and clarity to everyday applications. Introducing KGEAR, an essential line of pro-audio products with the pedigree of K-array at its core.

Our solutions are designed and engineered to integrate seamlessly with existing third party platforms, bringing enhanced performance to integrators, designers and end-users, across the AV and live sound markets.

Exceptional audio,


Easy, agile with sound performance at its core.
KGEAR is an essential line of pro-audio products and packages designed, engineered and primarily made in Italy for a variety of applications.

with purpose

We take the research and the experience of a leader company in the Pro Audio industry.

The power you want,
the control you need

Essential products with a deep focus on sound quality, system scalability and ease of use.

The essence
of great sound

Minimal design and great features with no fuss on technicalities.


In the heart of Mugello, Tuscany, we design, develop, manufacture and test our products.

GF line

GF line

Smart pro-audio products

Introducing KGEAR, a new line of smart pro-audio products, designed and Made in Italy, that benefit from the uncompromising technology and experience of K-array.