A celebration of Mediterranean cuisine and culture in the heart of Nice, Mediterraneo is housed within the walls of the old Gare du Sud railway station. The space, a long hall with high, vaulted ceilings with iron arches, consists of a ground floor and a mezzanine. The installation of an audio system at Mediterraneo has been a two-part journey due to the evolution of the space, with KGEAR loudspeakers at the centre of the story.

Local integrator, Envy Soul, was contracted to handle the design and integration of the audio system, provided by local distributor, AEITECH. In the first instance, the system would be used only for background audio. “Having deployed KGEAR products on previous projects, we knew the GH4 as a small and versatile solution,” explains Rudy Rodenas from Envy Soul. “The power and audio quality are fantastic, and the form factor makes for seamless integration. The ability to integrate the loudspeakers in pairs for a stereo configuration was also ideal.”

During phase one, the audio system was installed in a classic restaurant-style format in a left-right stereo configuration to enable a subtle coverage of background audio throughout the space. Soon after the initial installation, the venue began holding cultural and music events, whilst still using the original system. Due to the layout, the system design was no longer appropriate. Therefore, acousticians, Cf Audio, were called upon to assess and reconfigure the system design.

“With the evolution of the events taking place at Mediterraneo, I visited the site to study the current acoustic situation and design a system that would better serve the multi-functional use of the venue,” recalls Claudio Fabiani, Sound Designer at Cf Audio. “The materials were all there, so it was a case of reworking the audio design to fit the new scope.” The updated brief required a stage and dancefloor audio system and eliminating the background audio configuration.

Cf Audio deployed 6x GH4 units in an array cluster, combined with three GS18 subwoofers floor-stacked in cardioid set-up for low-frequency reinforcement. Four GH4 delayed are placed at the bar area to provide consistent coverage whilst two more are used as front fill. Finally, three units are installed in the DJ booth. The system is powered by KGEAR’s own GA series amplifiers.

“To contain the audio within the dancefloor space, we installed 300 mm-thick acoustic reinforcements to the walls,” continues Mr Fabiani. “This was an important addition as it helps contain the energy and avoid sound pollution to the surrounding built-up residential area.”
With the new configuration of the existing KGEAR system, Mediterraneo can reopen for the summer season with a full calendar of events and DJ nights. “GH4 is a versatile option and allows us to enjoy K-array technology at an accessible price,” continues Sebastien from Envy Soul. “Working together with the acoustic designer Claudio Fabiani, we were able to plan and deploy a system that can deliver the party experience without causing noise complaints, all whilst using existing products, a testament to the flexibility of the GH series.”

“I am entirely satisfied with K-array’s products in every instance,” concludes Mr Fabiani. “The open space and high ceilings at Mediterraneo posed several challenges from an audio design point of view, but through careful configuration of KGEAR’s flexible GH4s the venue can welcome more visitors this season.”

50 x GH4
6 x GS18
3 x GA46
1 x GS12
3 x GA43
6 x GA201